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An individual who is present to serve as the balance against asinine individuals. They are present around these individuals to regulate and temper the atmosphere from becoming too ridiculous.
Joshuitz: Man, my coworkers are scumbags. They try to pawn the work off on to others so they can do less and fraternize more with their click.

GenManager: How so?

Joshuitz: They act like they're super busy and can't help out with the slack when the loads get busy. But thank God for Huss. Even though the others have seniority, Huss stepped in and called them out. They already hated on him to begin with so he doesn't give a fuck. He's exacting his revenge and balancing the place out again. He put all of those clowns on blast about their light workload and the coordinator stepped in and balanced the chores among everyone. Those two served as anticlown agents and nipped that shit in the bud. Now, they don't try to scheme with Huss around. He's a diabological genius.
by The Anticlown September 27, 2017
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An Anti Clown is someone that will suck the joy out of any postive atmosphere, they will 'rinse' a joke or word until that word is no longer used amongst normal citiziens other than Anti Clowns. You can use a Anti Clown to make everyone leave your house if your having a unorthorized party and your parents come home. And they always have sister that people want to bang..

"Hey my mum had a baby on the weekend

"- Oh cool, dont tell Euan that Anti Clown the baby might die!
"Oh for fuck sake!!"

- What dude?

"That Anti Clown sucked the joy from my tears"

- ...Bummer, I remember when he killed my baby :(
by Ruebs the Don May 24, 2011
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