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Essentially internet horror stories or a myth passed around other sites, to frighten readers and viewers. The word, "Creepypasta" comes from the term, " copypasta ". An internet slang term for a block of text that gets copied and pasted from website to website. Creepypastas are sometimes are supplemented with pictures, audio or video footage related to the story. Typically with gory, distorted or, otherwise, shocking content.
Suicidemouse.avi was the grandfather of all lost episodes. It showed Mickey Mouse walking down a endless street with random piano keys playing in the background. The video gets more distorted and music turns static. See for yourself.

Also, Sonic.exe is a very well known Creepypasta. There is even a clone of the game to download. Although it's it well done, the clone will never have the same fear factor as the story did.

Lastly, Slender Man was introduced in 2009 in the Something Awful forums. Slender Man was not well know untill 2012 when Mark Hadley released, "Slender:The Eight Pages".
by DiddleMcGibberson March 22, 2014
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Online stories that will haunt the things that haunt you. Things you read during the day thinking "this'll be fun" and then wish you hadn't when night comes around.
"Fuck I read creepypastas today. Good bye sleep."
by WaffleGhost April 16, 2014
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Creepypastas are disturbing ghost, or horror stories in general that lurk through the interwebz, mainly on 4chan's /b/. A recent gif that was released in a creepypasta thread showed a seperate creepypasta thread and after a minute or so released a pop-up face that scared the shit out of me. . .
In the dark past before history began, humanity learned to fear. Huddled in the darkness on the plains of Africa, our earliest ancestors listened as lions stalked through the night around them. Deep in the caves of Europe, later men kept watch around their fires in the snowy winter, telling stories of horrors living hidden in the gloom outside. In the Middle East, just as the Sumerians began to scratch cuneiform on stone tablets, farmers sacrificed their livestock to demons they believed lived in the desert.
Over time, we’ve learned to control our fears. To take them down to size. The lions in Africa were held back by fences of barbed plants, then hunted down with guns to near extinction. The horrors in the snowy winter of Europe were cast aside by the retreat of the glaciers and by the flaming torch of human progress. The demons living in the sand lost their sacrifices as time went forward.

In the twenty first century, we have the internet, we have half-mile high buildings, we have networks of roads spanning continents and air traffic going around the world. We look to horror stories, thrill rides, and late night television gore-fests to satisfy our psychological need for fear here in the western world. It’s almost like fear is a toy for us now; we only know true fear a few times in our adult lives.

But all of those terrifying stories our ancestors told around fires? All of the things they saw when they looked out into the blizzards of the ancient past? They aren’t gone. Where the lights don’t reach, where the shadows dominate, they still live. They crawl in their eternal crypts, dreaming horrible, dark dreams as the ages pass them by. Outside of the range of cell phones, away from all the commercial flight paths and shipping lanes, where no one can see, they build their kingdoms. Underground, they feast on whatever crawls by them. Nightmarish masses of twisted flesh and muscle, dark even against the darkness, they wait.
Because one day, the lights are going to go out again, and they aren’t ever going to come back on.

Guy 1: God dammit, well I can't get to sleep now.
Guy 2: What the hell. I just pissed myself . . .
Guy 3: Worst. Creepypasta. EVER
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Creepy stories that float around on the Interwebs.
Kate: I heard that if you say "Bloody Mary" 3 times into a mirror, a hook will appear on your car door.

Rob: No, dude. That's just some creepypasta.
by howtocookhumans March 27, 2008
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Creepypastas are a bunch of fictional characters such as Jeff the Killer, Eyeless Jack, Slenderman, Sally, etc... The characters where originally just creepy stories like all the other creepypastas but they were taken over by fangirls.
Person 1: Hey bro, did you read that new creepypasta I told you about?
Person 2: Yeah, I heard it from Mr. Creepypasta on youtube, it was so creepy!
by TaylorGarciax February 19, 2015
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Made up ghost stories and fake lost episodes to famous shows that spread around the interwebs.
Dude: Watch out for Slenderman! He might come and get you!

Me: Dude, thats just a creepypasta
by Creepypasta May 12, 2012
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