1. fat old nerd turd
2. sad and pathetic online warrior
Professor Z in that walking dead game is a real offal. He is such a whiny bitch with nothing real to stand on.
by Walkingdead9295 August 31, 2019
A slang alternative to a sausage/banger/hot dog. Due to the ability to hide cheap cuts of meat inside the skin, offal can be substituted for pork/beef.
Oh yummy a cooked breatfast, fried eggs, bacon and two offal tubes.
by Heimi Henderson March 28, 2009
Offal Box is old time Australain slang for a meat pie
John went to the deli to get a Offal Box for lunch
by Aussie John November 6, 2008
Our Fearless F***ing American Leader
OFFAL is now tweeting that any negative polls about him are fake news.
by TexasBlueMarlin September 26, 2017
A woman on her period
Hey Dave, Heard you got your head kicked in Last night!
Apprently your face Looked like a right old Offal pocket!
by Anternee November 4, 2018
A game where one male player exposes a small area of skin from their genitals to the other player. Then, the other player has to guess whether what they have been shown is cock or ball. Ricky Gervais is believed to be the founder.
Guy: Wanna play offal jim jam?

Girlfriend: Sure!

Guy: <opens fly> So what do you think?

Girlfriend: Cock?

Guy: You're right! Here's your prize.
by shteyngart September 23, 2009