8 definitions by Ted Lynn Smith

Stinky, nasty, grotesquely unwashed, sticky, greasy, smegma-filled, crab infested, queef-city whale-of-a-tale fat white-trailer-trash poduck pussy, etc.
Hey Wes, less go down to Topeka and get us some Kansas Pink!
by Ted Lynn Smith August 8, 2003
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The act of releasing blood from one's asshole either as a result of illness or as a result of violent consensual or nonconsensual ass sex word Cornhole.
In Ft Levenworth, Kansas, they all go big red because there's so much man love goin' on out there.
by Ted Lynn Smith August 8, 2003
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Concentrated urine that is dark in color and harsh in odor much like that of a dehydrated fat man.
Phew Enis, I need to go drop some Kansas Hard Lemonade!
by Ted Lynn Smith August 8, 2003
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The act of tapping on someone's scrotum from behind in an upwards, supportive motion or delicately cupping them in one's hand and lifting them up towards the phallic shaft.
Donald gave Wes an Omaha Twister in the shower at the gym.
by Ted Lynn Smith August 2, 2003
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The smell of unwashed, fetid genetalia; similar to the smells encountered in and around the entire state of Oklahoma to include Kansas, Arkansas and most definately Texas (especially Houston -- phew!).
Marie had the Oklahoma Funk after not washing her coochie for seven days and seven nights.
by Ted Lynn Smith August 9, 2003
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