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A term of endearment that is used in a congratulatory context. Denzel Washington´s character Det. Alonzo Harris used the phrase several times in the movie, Training Day..The equivalent to ¨Dude, you rock!¨, or ¨Attaboy¨
¨I just got off piyli, I´m about to get my hustle on and cheddar up!
¨My Nigga!...

¨Hey, I got my income tax, and I flipped it to get this new whip!¨
¨My Nigga!¨
by TechieThugg April 21, 2009

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The doctrine of questionable practices such as income tax & welfare fraud, cable television theft, offspring identity theft, narcotics and weapon trafficking, and the display of counterfeit mecrchandise apprarel and accessories, to name some examples.
'Shequa is a victim of ghettonomics, in which she's forced to use her 3 year old daughter's social security number to get utlities, claim additional kids to increase her state benefits, in order to sell the food benefits for .50 on the dollar for cash to cop a elbow of chronic to sell, since she's got piyli and can't get a regular job. Chances are, she'll end up at the swap meet trying to buy a knock off Doonie & Burke or Coach purse.
by TechieThugg March 03, 2008

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to gain money either in a large amount or steadily, either through legal or illegal means
Man, I gotta get my hustle on and cheddar-up.

The homie C.J. is gonna cheddar-up from that settlement he got

Man, that new promotion and raise I got, is gonna get me cheddar'd-up
by TechieThugg August 28, 2007

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Similar to long money. Typically, a longstanding financial empire that has been amassed and eventually passed down from generation to generation. The term "I-35" is symbolic of the length of U.S. interstate that nearly touches the neighboring countries of Mexico and Canada, giving it a near nationwide effect. The Hiton sisters, Ivanka Trump are some examples of beneficiaries of I-35 money.
Paris Hilton, got that I-35 money.

Ivanka Trump, got that I-35 money.

Oprah got that I-35 money.

Bill Gates got that I-35 money.

Warren Buffett got that I-35 money.
by TechieThugg March 12, 2008

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Second hand reproduction of media entertainment, namely movies or music obtained by piracy, illegal copying, or unauthorized recording.
"Hey, I got that Semi-Pro on disc!" "That's still in the movies, how'd you score that?" "My cousin recorded it at Tinseltown, other than somebody coughing and 2 people getting up, it's a pretty good copy!" "Pure Ghettotainment"
by TechieThugg March 05, 2008

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Revenue, Cash flow, or any other term to define money gotten legally or illegally
E. J. : Man, I'm broke af, my nigga!
Quincy: You big dummy, you better get your hustle on and get that Bread Sanford!
by TechieThugg September 20, 2019

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pronounced (pie-lie)

Short for paper in your life. The means in which negative actions are formally documented to leave a paper trail of negativity.

Some examples of piyli would be:

Probation/Parole/Felony Conviction
Child support/Alimony
Performance or beavioral disciplinary actions
Bad Credit(bankruptcy)
"Damn, I got wrote up today!" I know mayne! Those haters trying to give you piyli"
"I gotta go report today, I hope I don't get a dirty UA!" "That's what happens when you get piyli"
by TechieThugg February 11, 2008

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