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They not the ulitmate french duo. They are the ultra-super-ultimate duo in the whole world. One more time, baby!
I just bought all of the Daft Punk Albums. Best 50 bucks I ever spent.
by Taylor Esformes March 03, 2004

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In Dance Dance Revolution, to "FC" a song is to score a "full combo"; that is, to not miss a single step.
I just FC'ed a Challenge level song! I'm awesome.
by Taylor Esformes April 02, 2004

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An old-fashioned term for a meal eaten late in the day, usually reffered to nowadays as dinner.
Come inside, boys. Supper is almost ready.
by Taylor Esformes March 29, 2004

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A pioneering work of Science Fiction and one of the longest running TV series ever. It revolves around the lives and work of FBI agents Fox Mulder, a conspiracy theorist and believer in aliens, and Dana Scully, a non-practicing doctor who is often exasperated by Mulder's paranoia. The two agents are assigned to cases involving the unexplainable and the paranormal. Episodes have involved the whole gamut of plot themes, from Time Travel to Shapeshifting to Ancient Jewish Mysticism. Part of the show's allure is that the episodes rarely have what can be considered a "happy" ending, but one that does usually bring closure to that particular case.
The theme music for the X-Files is so creepy!
by Taylor Esformes May 17, 2005

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A once secretive, proud tradition that only the wisest Torah scholars could study, and for good reasons. The knowledge and understanding that Kaballah can bring has overwhelmed some the wisest scholars in Jewish history, driving them to the brink of madness. To study Kaballah, a man had to be AT LEAST 40 years old, and has to have grown a beard and raised a family, activities which require nearly infinite patience.

However, thanks to Madonna and other opportunists, Jewish mysticism has been degraded into a new fad that any putz with a red string on his wrist can claim to understand. Anybody who thinks that a red bracelet will make him wise or holy is delusional.
Famous Kabbalah masters have included Rabbi Loew, who constructed a living golem from clay to protect the jewish people, and Rabbi Akiva, who entered the Garden of Eden while still alive, learned its secrets, and lived to tell the tale.
by Taylor Esformes September 17, 2005

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Not only a modern airline, but an airline that offers free satellite TV service in every seat. There is an LCD screen embedded in the seat back in front of you, allowing you to watch
tv during your flight.
I flew from miami to New York on Jetblue.
by Taylor Esformes April 03, 2004

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An acronym for Too Much Spare Time. This is the alias of Andrew Kepple, the fanimutation artist who created the famous "Colin Mochrie v.s. Jesus H. Christ" trilogy. A good friend of Niel Cicierega, the founding father of animutation and fanimutation, Andrew is considered by some to be a superior artist to Niel.
Tmst is a flash encyclopedia, eating, breathing Macromedia.
by Taylor Esformes March 29, 2004

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