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The most amazing place in the world. A place where kids varying ages (usually 7-15) make best friends for life and their bunkmates grow to be like sisters or brothers. A place where kids learn or share lots of information about life, particularly stuff that they don't want to ask their parents. This is where many, learn about who they are and who they want to become. Campers cry when they go home, and count the days until they come back. They leave each summer with a new outlook on many ideas, themselves or life in general, and great memories that will last them a lifetime.
My parents met at the sleepaway camp that I go to, I wouldn't exist if it weren't for the place. At their wedding, the best man, and a couple of the bridesmaids, were from that camp too. So many of the people who are important to them, they met there.
by rfb211 November 29, 2005
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a place where (mostly) privileged kids go to escape from their annoying parents. they basically go crazy, hide from/purposely disrespect annoying counselors, hook up, and skip the activities that their parents are actually paying for them to be at all summer. throughout the summer, about 20 campers and 4 counselors are forced to live in a confined, un-air conditioned, dirty bunk with only 2 showers, 2 sinks, and 2 toilets (that clog extremely easily). the bunkmates are usually extremely close best friends, or atl east people who attempt to semi tollerate each other's shit for 2 months. if the camp is religious, usually none of the kids/teens take part in services...besides to socialize with the boys. the counselors get drunk and hook up on their nights away from their campers, but tell them they just "go out for pizza" or "do laundry"... yeah, OKAYYY.
Rachel: Where did you first hook up?
Hannah: Sleepaway camp ...duh!

Olivia: Do you wanna go to any actual activities today?
Samantha: Obviously not... this is sleepaway camp!
by 5444444eva September 03, 2011
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Once upon a time there was a camper giving Indian Head to Dan B. on top of Tyler Hill when they heard a noise. The boy turned To Wanda and told her to run, so they sprinted away and followed the Pocono Trail until they reached its
Summit, where the girl stopped and Point o Pined to her left. They were surrounded by water, with Raquette, Echo, Timber, Brant, Tripp, and Cedar Lakes closing in on all sides. Quickly, they Monroed the boat until they reached
the border of Canadensis, where it was safe to lie down and gaze up at the Starlight in the night Skylemar. After tweeting to charlie Shane about how they were #Winado, the campers began sipping on gin and Taconic while eating a combo platter from the Blue Ridge diner. Dan B., a Vega-terian, only ate the fries. In the middle of jamming to flo rida's "shawty got Lohikan," a horrible smell pierced the air. While they sat wondering who Kutschered the cheese, or perhaps even dropped some Timber Tops, they began to hear noises coming from the Pine Forest. Suddenly, Mataponi Damon appeared from behind the Laurel tree to invite them to his movie premiere of "its raining Scaticos and dogs". The campers reasoned that "When in Romaca, do as the Romans do" and joined the native american themed party. Smirking, they threw on their Iroqouis Springs attire and went upstairs to finish MahKeenAcing giving Indian Head. Before they could finish, however, the camper heard yet another noise and thought to himself "oh brother, here Owego again"
jewography, sleepaway camp
by Urban Dictionary June 27, 2011
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A series of horror movies spanning the late eighties to early nineties concerning the violent shenanigins of the androgenous killer Angela. The first movie is the only critically accalimed entry in the series, famous mostly for its controversial ending.
Person: Hey did you see that movie Sleepaway Camp?
Other Person: Oh yeah. That shit was crazy.
by stevesterino January 26, 2007
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1) A place where Jews go for the summer until they are 22 years old, and some how feel that they are better than everyone else upon returning.

2) An excuse for a summer job without having to get a real one.
"Bro I can't wait to go to sleep away camp."
by camphater October 24, 2009
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