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Smart in her own way, and becomes your best friend who you can't imagine life without. The one who will tell you when your wrong, but will always be there to help you make it right.

Someone who you will fall in love with for the person they are. Also extremely sexy and adventurous. Simply put, if you are meet a Taryn in your life time you are very lucky, but if you ever get to be close to one then don't let go.
by Geek12344 August 29, 2013
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The best girl to connect to since she isn't like others. Super cute yet doesn't think so. She has that sort of pull to her (only for a Tyler) and will always e there for friends.
Guy 1: Yo dude who is that other there? She so freakin cute.

Guy2: that's Taryn, and yeah she is the best ever.
by A Tyler June 02, 2015
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Often describes an individual with a big heart who is both caring and generous. Has an optimistic personality & a great sense of humor. Is easy to fall head-over-heels in love with. Beautiful, independent, and confident.
A:"Who's that? She's beautiful."
B:"That's Taryn."
by -T.Breezy January 01, 2011
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Fist of all, Taryns are athletic and usually play soccer, and usually are a goalie. They love life, and live life high. They really care about their families, and are quick to defend anyone they love. Their fists are always ready, and they don't take shit. They really don't care what people think of them, or how they act, even though they act civilized. They love music, especially rap. They love their friends and hanging out with them, but are easily annoyed. Brunettes with big boobs, but they aren't proud of it. Guys think they're really hot, but they aren't sluts. Probably one of the best friends you'll ever have.
Person 1: Who's one person you'll never fight?
Person 2: Taryn!
by palindromegirl8 June 13, 2011
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A girl that you want to have as a friend but if you mess with her she will mess you up. When she laughs everyone around her laughs at her because her laugh is so weird. She falls for a ton of guys so you better not like one of them. Most Taryns change their mind a lot and can't make a decision to save their life. If your friends with a Taryn, you better keep her!
Girl: "See that girl laughing over there?"
Boy: "Yeah, why?"
Girl: " She is totally a Taryn."
Boy: "Haha yeah your right her laugh is hilarious!"
by polka123 February 08, 2012
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Taryn is an amazing person with such a great personality she is so very hot and down with the guys.

she always makes friends and is easy to get along with.
taryn is so hot yummmmyyyy ;)
by thesexyestpersonalive October 13, 2011
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