She is so hot but doesn't think so. The guys are always all over her. She is always smiling but isin't as happy as she seems to be. She is sporty. She has the biggest heart, she is never selfish and loves everyone. She is always ready to beat someone up if she needs to, she is always there for her friends and if you mess with her friends or family or hurt them expect her to come after you. She will protect anyone no matter what, and you have to go through her to get to her friends, family, or siblings so really anyome.She beleives in equaliyy and thinks everyone should be treated equally wether they are gay, straight, trans, bi, black, mexican, or antything you can be purple! But that means nothing. She has a way with words and loves babies and animals. Loves to help out and is so funny. She has the best smile ever. If you ever come across a Taryn make sure you treat her good becomes friends, best friends, or more. Take care of her because she may not always want to continue to live.
man 1: yoo, I just met a girl named Taryn, she is the best!
man 2: Take care of her and don't let her end her life. Man treat her well she is the type of person everyone wants, She makes the world stop turing.
man 1: Don't be tryin' to take my girl now!
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My ibf. Everyone loves her even though she doesn’t think so. She thinks she is ugly, but in reality, she is soooo beyond beautiful, and everyone but her recognizes that. Taryn has had some hard ends to friendships, which makes her all the wiser, and a better friend. If you meet a Taryn, you should consider yourself the luckiest person ever.
Me: I love Taryn

Hater: I don’t

Me: well then you are delusional, Taryn is the best thing in the whole entire world and I love her to the ends of the earth
by <3 rose September 3, 2018
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Smart in her own way, and becomes your best friend who you can't imagine life without. The one who will tell you when your wrong, but will always be there to help you make it right.

Someone who you will fall in love with for the person they are. Also extremely sexy and adventurous. Simply put, if you are meet a Taryn in your life time you are very lucky, but if you ever get to be close to one then don't let go.
by Geek12344 August 29, 2013
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Taryn is often the center of attention, her smile could light up a room, she speaks before thinking and is brutally honest, laughs loud at everything, but isn't as happy as she seems. Taryn falls in love and is loyal, she is understanding, but doesn't take no shit, you do not want to get on the bad side of Taryn, she has a lot of crazyness, and when a Taryn gets hurt she always gets revenge, but she is very unpredictable. If you have a Taryn in your life, keep her close, she is one of a kind, stubborn, and will drive you crazy but she makes everyone love her, and Taryn is the best friend or partner to have, especially the sex
Have you met Taryn ?

"Yes she is crazy I wonder what the sex is like"

"Dude I wish I could have a Taryn
by magictruth January 22, 2016
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The best girl to connect to since she isn't like others. Super cute yet doesn't think so. She has that sort of pull to her (only for a Tyler) and will always e there for friends.
Guy 1: Yo dude who is that other there? She so freakin cute.

Guy2: that's Taryn, and yeah she is the best ever.
by A Tyler May 31, 2015
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Often describes an individual with a big heart who is both caring and generous. Has an optimistic personality & a great sense of humor. Is easy to fall head-over-heels in love with. Beautiful, independent, and confident.
A:"Who's that? She's beautiful."
B:"That's Taryn."
by -T.Breezy January 2, 2011
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Taryn is an amazing person with such a great personality she is so very hot and down with the guys.

she always makes friends and is easy to get along with.
taryn is so hot yummmmyyyy ;)
by thesexyestpersonalive October 13, 2011
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