I got into a fight with a Saffa at the Rugby World Cup final.
by The saffa (Matt M) October 12, 2008
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Word used to describe somebody from South Africa.

Saffa - South African far from Africa
They're a Saffa
by Scuba 1234 September 23, 2020
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Amazing, caring girl who’s kind but relies on too many people until she realises she can live independently. A saffa is one of the bestest friends you can always rely on. She cares for you at your worst and is always there in times of need although saffa’s often try to hide their feelings. Saffa’s are the best.
“Dude do you know saffa?”
I love saffa, shes amazing.”
by Iamthebest.. December 1, 2017
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Saffa is a term used for South African immigrants taking over a country (usually London)
by Taryn April 16, 2004
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dude hes cooler than saffa...
no he isnt... saffa is the best...
by saaafffaaa December 14, 2010
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