24 definitions by Tank

Junk will accumulate in the space available.

Coined my Mike Kelly
Oh man, i bought the new house with more storage space but you'd never, Kelly's Law kicked in, I have no space and junk everywhere.
by Tank June 26, 2009
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To be fucked over by life in general.
I got so meatholed when I forgot to turn in my term paper.
by Tank December 13, 2004
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Grant. A person who is dutch and will be attending an ice cream social.
Grant is dutch. 100% dutch!
by Tank February 28, 2005
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Swings from webs in New York City (see spiderman)
Fartmachine, Fartmachine does whatever a spider can!
by Tank December 13, 2004
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TO have your Manager support you, and make your work live easier
I had a terrible shift until I was dougalured.
by Tank August 11, 2006
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