Ln is a brotherhood, as well as one of the toughest street gangs in Lachine. Scott and Jason founded Ln 5 years ago. The gangs turf stretches from 32nd Avenue all the way to 54 Avenue. No gang has ever started a war with Ln due to its dangerous reputation. A gang of French kids once started beef but it was quickly put out. Ln T.P’ed there houses and since Ln has a couple of police on its payroll some of them were arrested and fined. When you are inducted into Ln you are sworn in by a quote “More Beers More Cheers, That’s It That’s all.”
Tron was walking home late one night from Cheers and cut threw Ln’s park. When he saw a group of French kids. It was clear to him that these MOFO’s were lost.

French Guys: Yo come here
Tron: What do you want peppers?
French Guys: Give us your money esti L’anglais.
Tron: LMAO…(spits on the gang leaders face(Charles)
French Guys: Your fucked now.
Tron reaches in his pocket calls up Ln conference style.
Tron: Meet me at the park, it’s going down..

Ln AWP’s the French kids from HQ near by the park. Tron then picks up there wallets.
by JPSK August 10, 2006
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Ln the normal way to express how your laughing. The only way to laugh is out loud so why not shorten it to laughing normally or ln
by anotcoolperson May 20, 2018
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