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A psychotic individual, esp. one that mumbles or paces back and forth in a manic depressive manner; abbreviation for the term "whack job."
I don't care if you just lost your job and you want to kill your boss, you whack!
by T Hizzle April 04, 2005

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A person that you send to do all of your dirty work, or someone that takes responsibility for whatever mess you've gotten yourself into (i.e. a scapegoat).
I heard the police had a beef with me slangin dope, so I made this bitch out to be my shit shovel.
by T Hizzle April 03, 2005

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Money is what is used to ensure a fair exchange without the need to work. Paper beats rock, vis-à-vis, dollar dollar bill ya'll, vis-à-vis, gotta get paid.

In other words, when used and managed in an appropriate manner, money has the ability to make life easier. However, when money is harbored personally and defensively, greed and mistrust will threaten to undermine more virtuous social assets.
Money may not grow on trees, but it sure can grow on people.
by T Hizzle May 01, 2005

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1. Slang for marijuana, sometimes misinterpreted as the word 'bong'

2. Common adjective for marijuana.
"Yo, I'm about to blaze with this bomb I got.

When did you get a new bong?

No, not BON-G—BOM-B"

"Dis some bomb ass weed for sure"
by T Hizzle February 21, 2005

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v. To enter an uncommon location by infiltration, esp. with the intent to squat or hide temporarily.
There was nowhere to run from the bully, so I decided to steal the janitor's closet until lunch time.
by T Hizzle May 02, 2005

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The act of moving and speaking very quickly in a moment of desperation, usually when one is experiencing extreme anxiety, or just wants to tell another person exactly what he or she wants to hear. Basically, breezing and bullshitting means to lie up a storm in a very obvious and obnoxious fashion. If you get in a deep conversation while yayed, breezing and bullshitting is common.
I was worried the cop would find my stash, so I started breezing and bullshitting my ass out of the cuffs.
by T Hizzle April 15, 2005

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Used by online gamers, an obscured abbreviation for "God damn it," to express one's frustration.
AlphaX has fallen in battle to Unoid31.

Unoid31: woot
AlphaX: gd it ><
by T Hizzle May 02, 2005

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