aw man, some asshole jacked my $20 bill that we rolled up to bust. i didn't notice cuz i was hella' yayed out
by alf December 20, 2003
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adj. The state of being high on cocaine (yayo).
Last night I got so yayed up I felt like a god!
by Lucky Loch April 06, 2003
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The word Yay is derived from the spanish word llello (pronouced yay-yo) which is slang for la cocaína, or cocaine.
by LiDsY July 03, 2013
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A sign of great approval. Ice cube status.
Q: Wanna eat some bagel bites?
by Big Bub Yay Yay November 14, 2009
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"Hey, we're heading over to my yai yai's house for dinner; do you want to come?"
by Squiintz3 December 30, 2012
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signature steve vai guitar sound.
made by playing with a special pedal and precise timing.
person A: "That Vai show was bitchin'!"
person B: "Did he do the Yai Yai?"
person A: "Fuck yea! He was like 'wah wah wah YAI YAI!!!' And then Billy Sheehan played a sick bass solo."
by D999 August 11, 2005
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The girl screamed Yay Yay when she pushed her brother into a wall.
by Johnno Moto May 28, 2008
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