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People, the masses, in that they tend to be silly and blindly do the same as other people do, even if it's a bad idea.

from the romance Pantagruel, by Renaissance French author Francois Rabelais, in which, while aboard a ship, the character Panurge buys a sheep from a flock that is aboard and casts it in the sea, at which point all the other beasts follow suit and jump in the sea.
Bah... everybody swears by those teeny bopper "stars", whether they are any good or not... Panurgian sheep all of them.
by Sylvain October 15, 2004
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Unmarried people who do things in bed together
Gosh, I wish she would be pillow friends with me, not just friends
by Sylvain July 25, 2004
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Short for bowel movement.
The act of dropping shit
Sorry, I need to have a b.m., where are the jakes?
by Sylvain August 01, 2004
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The masses, the great unwashed.
Mildly derogatory way to designate the common people as a group, implying they are uncultured and apt to act stupidly.
see Panurgian Sheep
from Ancient Greek : "the many"
Election year again... those hoi polloi are still going to let themselves be manipulated into voting for the wrong guy.
by Sylvain October 15, 2004
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Old fashioned slang for toilets, WC, The Place... that is, where you do your excretory business
Oh my, my bladder will burst... must go to the jakes...
by Sylvain September 26, 2004
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type of bra worn by very young girls with tiny tits, or even none at all yet to "train" them in wearing such a garment and get them used to it
I can't choose between that lovely girl and her hot MILF mother... it's the opposing charms of the training bra and the D cup...
by Sylvain February 18, 2005
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Oy vas mir, I have to finish that paper for tomorrow and I thought it was for next week !
by Sylvain July 21, 2004
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