A year before a presidential election in which no one can get along, everyone is divided, cancel culture is rampant, and it seems endless until the day after the winner is announced and we go back to being normal for 3 years until the next election year.
by Xxxxxxxxfanboyxxxxxxxxxx November 2, 2020
A year when Democrats pretend black lives matter to get votes, then forget about it until the next election.
by Grumpy77 February 4, 2021
A politician, usually an ultraconservative, fascist Republican, but occasionally an ultraliberal, who pretends to take moderate positions on important political issues during an election year. Once elected, this politician will suddenly forget his or her campaign promises and govern from the fringes.
Election year moderates from the far right: Rick Santorum (latin for Asshole); George W. Bush; from the far left: George McGovern (1972)
by Stop the Pendulum August 10, 2006