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Possibly the greatest program ever. Shows football related stuff for 3 hours on a saturday morning. Can a man ask for any more? Features Lee Trundle , our Swansea legend quiet alot. Also, the legendry game called 'Crossbar Challange' where you have to hit the crossbar from the centre spot is one of the highlights.
Trundle did the crossbar challange, the flash c**t!!!
by Sutton November 06, 2004

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One of the most Charasmatic drivers ever,and also one of the Fastest ever. Died at the Italian GP at Imola, at the Tamburello Corner when he smashed into the wall and the suspension whacked him on his head. Hated Alain Prost because he was just as good as him. Probably the best wet weather driver of all time.
British GP, Donnington, 1993
by Sutton October 16, 2004

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A motor racing circuit based in Northamptonshire, used mainly for F1.
It has been in the F1 Championship since it started in 1950, the only circuit to have achieved this feat.
Club corner is great to watch from!
by Sutton October 16, 2004

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Where me and all the other drunkards go in Swansea to P-A-R-T-Y!!!
1:Fancy a kick about later?
2:Fuck that im off down Wind Street!
by Sutton October 16, 2004

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The Welsh version of System of a down, made by me and my sister in marks and spencer.
1: Ble mae band gyda ti?
2: Oes, mae system ar y dde gyda proper bo.
by Sutton October 16, 2004

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paradise for TV lovers. Probably has about 53890279032850943 channels. Accounts for about 90% of obesity probably.
Person 1: "Get up, you've been watching that Sky all bloody day!"

Fat person: "Shut up, the re-run of an episode of Jerry Springer that was filmed in 1995 is on!"
by Sutton January 01, 2005

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allanah lewis
your peeped!
by sutton February 06, 2003

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