Japanese Romanji for a green soy bean from a fuzzy pod. The word is used as a singular or a plural noun. Delicious when boiled.
'Gimme some of that edamame.'
by Sunbun June 20, 2003
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The vegetable of choice by fifth avenue mothers for fifth avenue babies/toddlers. As mentioned in the cult novel 'The Nanny Diaries'
Can you buy my baby more edamame? Make sure it comes in sterilised crystal jars and don't step on my prada shoes.
by Isabel January 13, 2004
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A short asian girl you want to suck on to make her pop like a (soy) bean.

Kim Hyun-ah is a textbook example of an Edamame.
Look at that Edamame!
I bet i could make her sing!
by Badass B October 19, 2022
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The aftermath from eating a bowl of edamame, where your fingers are wrinkled as if you were taking an hour long bath.
Dude1: "Yo, what the hell is wrong with your fingers?"

Dude2: "Chill, bro. It's just a edamame bath".
by Mimi Teresa July 26, 2012
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boiled peanuts; a southern delicacy served at roadside stands and gas stations; you crack the shell and eat only the insides just like you would with edamame, which certain rednecks either (a) consider only for fancy people or (b) have no idea what in the world edamame is
Explaining to a non-southerner/fancy person about boiled peanuts:

Hey what's that you got there?

Boiled peanuts.

What's that?

Redneck edamame.
by theHerspanic February 11, 2010
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disgusting, premature soy beans. Usually eaten by asian girls who loves their yorkshire terrier
"I love edamame beans" "my mammy wont buy me more edamame beans" "i want edamame icecream"
by buddymaaaaaain March 3, 2017
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A burger that comes with edamame
"Hey Bob, what's the burger of the day?" "It's the Edamame Dearest Burger, you should try it!"
by America Lover 🇺🇸 November 21, 2018
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