- A slang and/or an informal way to use the word 'love'
- used by people who are shy to use the 4-letter word
- or just for the fun of spelling words incorrectly
- used in chatrooms/IMs/blogs
In an IM
- Boy: Girl, I lubb you but I just don't know to show it...
- Girl: Aww... It's okay.. But the least you could do was spell it correctly.
by KofiBeans September 22, 2006
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eye infection that came from the commonly used term "eye lubb yoo"
used to describe eye infection, or other infection.
emits greenish yellow goo when popped.
i had an eye infection and all the lubb came out of my eye lubb.
by lauren & caroline December 22, 2005
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the act of gently massaging a non-genital body part of another, over the fabric of an article of clothing.
*guys pets girl's shoulder"
girl: wtf are you doing creep?
guy: be still young one, we just made lubb.
by Goose013 October 25, 2011
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A kind of Swedish dance involving three people, circling a small table and each one in turn hopping onto and dancing on the table. Clogs are commonly worn while lubbing
Whoa, those Swedes are really good at lubbing!
by radarhut May 18, 2010
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It is when someone asks you a question you know the answer to, but you suddenly forget the answer while you are responding to them........thus The Lubb's Effect
Lubbs:Why is it hard to make an atomic bomb?
Bryan: *raises hand*
Lubbs: Yes Bryan?
Bryan: Uh.....wait i just had it. Its like, because of that thing......I HATE THE LUBBS'S EFFECT!!
Lubbs: WORD!
by A Real Ninja May 14, 2006
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Generally called a big rig or a unit. Mr Lubbe is an all round unit and never leave the gym unless he is out making trouble
My teacher Mr lubbe is a all round big rig or unit
by I am a unit October 10, 2018
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City in west Texas that is home to Texas Tech. Crunk ass party school with fine ass bitches.
yeah biatch...im reppin lubb town
by george smith February 21, 2004
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