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A less vulgar way to say "fuck off". I personally coined the phrase and used it once or twice on some motormouth who rubbed me the wrong way. Hornets are mean, six-legged bastards, even meaner than their cousins: the wasps.
Shemp: You couldn't let me do it. You had to gum up the works.

Larry: Ah, go stick your head in a hornet's nest.
by Stupidly Sophisticated September 16, 2020
To betray someone. In Ancient Rome, Julius Caesar was betrayed and stabbed multiple times over by his friends on account of how many illegal actions he performed while ruling over Rome.
Bartender: Why so gloomy?

Truck Driver: The day started out so well. Me and my buddies... we were all excited and grooving and dancing in the company parking lot because it was Friday. I suggested we come here... Now, it's almost closing time and I'm thoroughly convinced they wanted to Pull a Julius Caesar on me.
by Stupidly Sophisticated March 15, 2020
Red, white, and blue. Used to describe an instance where these three colors are used, typically in patriotic instances.
"We'll be back to tomorrow to dye Easter eggs. Any specific color you want?


"RWB? Okay!"
by Stupidly Sophisticated April 25, 2021
Loraz: care to repeat that?
Taron: ah, go suck a carrot, ya freeloader!
by Stupidly Sophisticated November 28, 2013
Release a new song, especially a song that sounds excellent.
"Dude! It sounds like Gauntlet, my favorite power metal band, is gonna drop a banger here this Thursday!"
by Stupidly Sophisticated June 1, 2021
A threat basically meaning that the recipient is in very serious trouble if certain conditions are met.
If I find out you're lying to me, then by God, I'll have your head!
by Stupidly Sophisticated December 16, 2020
A way of saying "You know I'm right" when someone gets angry at you for speaking the truth. According to scripture, the Pharisees were a group of Jewish elders in Judea (the name of Israel under Roman occupation) who took every chance they could get to catch Jesus and his disciples lacking.
Virgin Woke Urbanist: Amtrak is bad! travel cross-country by air! Or on a Greyhound bus!

Chad Nerd: Actually, there's nothing wrong with Amtrak, and aside from Greyhound, they were picking up the slack during the recent airline meltdowns.


CN: The Pharisees hated Jesus because he told them the truth.
by Stupidly Sophisticated January 15, 2023