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the cutest and prettiest girl in the entire world. with charm and personality that can blow away even the stoniest male around. also applicable for males.
person 1: hey that girl is so hot

person 2: she looks like a Judea!
by shezowicked March 09, 2009
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The most annoying person you would ever meet but she has the best personality ever .She is the most loyal person you would ever meet . She would go a thousand miles just to be there when you need her .
Ryan: I need you

Judea:whats wrong , I'm on my way
by Hit my Dm July 09, 2017
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Containing or relating to the characterisitcs of a jewish person
dude 1: hey man, I'm not gonna pay any money for the dinner we just ate.

dude 2: dont get judea on us man, pay your share.
by Josef March 07, 2005
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Judea is a beautiful caring girl. She cares a lot about her family and not very fond of a lot of drama. She like to have peace and she is very intelligent. She is very musical and talented in different ways. She is very nice and loving. She doesn’t let anyone get to her no matter what they say. Judea is the type of person that is have to be hard on the outside but is soft on the inside because people think they can get to her. Judea is a strong independent girl and she is not a follower to anyone or anything. No matter what it is Judea will always be there for you whenever you need her
Him: “ Who is that ? She looks very nice.”

Me : “ She is nice. Her name is Judea. She is very caring.”
by Varshaun April 03, 2018
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