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A torturously funny film that is amazingly accurate in its portrayal of life in a Mormon town. Most of the smaller towns in the Rocky-mountian west are predominantly Mormon.

Although it doesn't say it in the movie, Napoleon is a Mormon kid.
The clues are everywhere. His "Ricks College" t-shirt is a dead give away. Ricks College is a Mormon school, (now called BYU Idaho). The second-hand store where Napoleon shops is one store in a whole chain of stores scattered throughout Utah, Idaho, Arizona and Nevada called "Deseret Industries", (pronounced Des..err...et) or "DI" for short, and is owned and operated by the Mormon Church.

Napoleon talks about scout camp. The Boy Scout program is almost single-handedly run by the Mormon (LDS) Church in the west, and is a very significant part of their development program for boys. The director and his co-writer wife are Mormon, so is the actor who plays Napoleon. Most of the cast/crew are from Brigham Young University, (BYU)and most of the cool words that Napoleon uses like flip and gosh have been used by Mormon kids for decades.

Even the liger has roots in growing up in the Mormon west...the liger was a real half-lion half-tiger that actually lived for many years at the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City, and is well known to legions of Mormon kids who went to Hogle Zoo on field trips. After it died it was stuffed and mounted and is still on display at the zoo.

Though no-fault of the director, (the film is loosely based on his life in Preston) much of the deeply subtle humor in the movie is only caught by those familiar with Mormon culture. Napoleons clothes and the furniture in his house for instance, are all "total DI".

All in all, a "funny as heck" movie that can be enjoyed by all and is well worth seeing whoever and whatever you are.
"Fetch! Napoleon Dynamite is one saaweeet flick. I can't wait till my older brother gets home from his mission to see it...he's gonna laugh his flippin' head off."
by Streamwalker September 30, 2004

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In all realms and walks of life, that which is simultaneously feared and admired, and on occassion critized and forceably restrained, but always greatly respected by the world at large.

Opposite from that which is French. Rarely ever feared. Jealously critical of things not French, and commands so little respect from the world at large that if you gathered up all the worldwide respect the French could muster; formed it into a ball and set it on the edge of a razor blade and then magnified it a thousand times, it would look like a BB rolling around on a four-lane highway.
Dude1--"Say....dude2, could you make me up a list of all the significant things Germans are known for?"
Dude2--"Uhhh...gee...how much freakin' time have you got dude?...that's gonna take me awhile.
Dude1--"Never mind...just get me a list of all the significant things the French are known for."
Dude2--"No problem dude...hand me your business card and I'll just scribble them on the back...."
A; The Eiffel Tower.
B; Whimpy-ass egg recipies.
Dude1---"Thanks dude...later...gotta run.
by Streamwalker September 30, 2004

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1. A great artist who writes and sings some of the best music the world has ever known.
2. Also, has a second career as a self loathing limosine liberal who has an amazing track record for backing losing candidates.
Kerry: "Oh shit! We got the Springsteen endorsement...talk about the kiss of death!"

KerryAide: "Don't worry sir...I'll get him on the phone and see if I can get him to back Bush"

Springsteen's Answering Machine: "..yeah..this is Bruce..what the fuck do YOU want..I can't come to the phone right now...I'm to busy hating myself...leave a fucking message"
by Streamwalker October 14, 2004

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An effective marketing campaign that Dodge used in the late 60's and early 70's to promote their line-up of performance optioned cars. Most notably the Super Bee, Charger R/T, Coronet R/T, and the Dart GTS or Swinger. These cars were readily identifyable by the "bumblebee" stripe wrapped around the back end of the car.
The Scat Pack cars by Dodge were swweeeet....
by Streamwalker September 30, 2004

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One righteously kick ass car that was produced by the Dodge Division of Chrysler Corp. between 1968 and 1971. The Super Bee, part of Dodge's "Scat Pack" performance line-up of cars, was from 68' to 70' basically a Dodge Coronet with a high performance engine, hood and or quarter panel scoops (69' only) and a mesmerizing bumblebee stripe and racing bee emblems. The base engine was the 383 Magnum, but it could be ordered with the awesome 426 Hemi, or the 440 6-pack option in 1969. The last year of production, the Super Bee package was switched from the Coronet platform to that of the Charger. To this day, the car continues to hold great sway and mystique over the minds and hearts of many. As of today, Sept 30, 2004, a Hemi equipped Super Bee in showroom condition can sell for 80 thousand dollars or more depending on the specific options of the car.
Wow !....did you see that! That 440 6-pack Super Bee just blew the doors off that rat motor Camaro.
by Streamwalker September 30, 2004

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UES is an abbreviation for Upper East Side. Used by New York City dwellers to describe that part of the city.
My friend John is dating some chic who lives on the UES.
by Streamwalker August 20, 2004

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This was a very popular saying among US Military personel around the late 60's and early 70's. It was used very heavily by soldiers in Vietnam, Republic of. Depending on how it was used, it could be used as a question, a filler, or a rebuke. Excellent examples of its usage can be heard in the movie "Hamburger Hill" starring Dillon McDermot.
Dam man! You just tripped all over my shit! How you gonna' act!

Yo man...when you get so short you need a step ladder to climb up on a dime...how you gonna act?
by Streamwalker October 21, 2004

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