greatest last name and origanally meaning man on hill in german.
by Ariel Hogle November 3, 2007
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"hogl" is a onomatopoeia of two particular and distinct sounds.

The first case concerns the sound made by the human rectum when pressing feces out with a pressure greater than two times the atmospheric pressure.

The second case, is the sound made by prostitutes when a cock is jammed into their mouth with a certain force. Coincidently this sound is also produced when the cock is thrust with a pressure equal to or greater than two times the atmospheric pressure.
For example: I was just taking a shit and I swear to god I made a "hogl"!.

And: So, I bought this hooker yesterday and when I put my cock in her mouth, it totally made a "hogl".
by the_great_cock April 23, 2010
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the retarded version of homer simpson and is on the ripoff to the simpsons the sampsons
hey dog do you wanna watch the sampsons? nah i dont like hogle sampson
by armpitfart September 4, 2018
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