6 definitions by Strabs76

A black skinned person. Refer to boon, spook, butter head, negro.
There's a stall at the beginning of the grocery line, must be a coot.
by Strabs76 May 4, 2017
You try and sell dope in our neighborhood again and your ass is gonna get fucked just like your titsun.
by Strabs76 April 24, 2022
A word your stupid friend uses from his word of the day calander to appear smarter than he actually is.
Contentious; A word used in the board game cranium <spell it backwards. One try>
by Strabs76 April 9, 2018
Code word for turn down the God damn music or I'll cut you. Not to be confused with SAFE word.
Me: Please turn down the music. It's 2 A.M. and it's Wednesday.
Cuck: 🍺 "i cant hear you"
Me: Remember last week, when I asked you to turn it down and you said" MUSCRAT", you yell it and I'll turn it down.
by Strabs76 February 8, 2018
Phrase used before kickING your friends chair out from under them.
Welcome back to the poker game pal, take a seat
by Strabs76 May 4, 2017
A tool used on dumb sluts.
Tommy's mom is overprotective to keep the sloots away she ordered a slag hammer on Amazon.
by Strabs76 March 20, 2020