Something that offends or belittles someone.
Throwing a dirty condom at your best friend ie 'hey whats up?' 'oh nothing, I had sex last night' *throws condom* "fuck, that's so demeaning"
by ShotMeDown February 20, 2011
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Doin' a girl doggy style. Take a crap in your hand and lay it on her back. This step is called the Bookshelf. After that, you take your hand slap it on the turd. This is called the Jersey Slapjack. After that, you scoop up the turd and flip it over onto its other side. This is called the Jersey Flapjack.

If you do them all, you have completed the Ms. Demean Her.
Dude, it was fuckin' crazy last night. I ended up givin' her the Ms. Demean Her. She hated it!!
by chapstar May 5, 2009
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A person who lacks initiative and lies about emotions to twist your reality.

For example,
Jealousy= possessiveness.

Love= humiliation.

Disappointed= scapegoating unknown outsiders.

To exploit vulnerable good people while treating them unfairly and calling them bad, to guilt trip them in getting more without ever trying to make it up, voluntary or giving anything back.
How can doormats not see that he is a selfish emotional manipulative demeaner? He is not going to share his authority, money, status etc. Look how many people he exploited unfairly.
by Communi February 18, 2021
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