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A smelly, sleazy, nasty, contemptible person.
Maudiebelle is a real, live turdball.
by Steviedee January 21, 2004
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Someone or something that is a disgrace or a bad influence on everyone. A turdball usually ticks everyone off by representing their stupidity in the least valuable ways. A turdball can also be defined with the following: someone that smells like crap, as if rolled in turds. For this is why the word gets its meaning. A turdball is disliked. The word is used as an insult, not a compliment.

A turdball can also be a ball of turds, or crap. For example, a small and round turd could be called a turdball.
1. "Stop it, Allysa! You are being a turdball!"
2. The turdball walked down the street, shoving the kids down onto the pavement.
3. The toddler's mother found turdballs all over her floor. She called her husband over to clean them up before they stained the carpet.
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by itchypants47 November 22, 2016
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A person who is not very nice to other people.
That guy over there is such a turdball! All he ever does is insult people. Someone should just punch him!
by funny fellas January 15, 2014
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a peaceful, person. a person who wants peace, and peace only. with an acception of cheese, but only on occasions. turd ball, noun. -terduh-bawl-
"that maddie girl is one fine turd ball!"

"that turd ball walking down the street, thats my girl friend."
by madski21 May 27, 2008
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