Anus. The opening at the end of the large intestine (rectum) that expels stool. See also butthole, asshole
Back-door-Betty loves it in the stinkhole.
by charlygordon123456 July 12, 2006
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have you ever put a lavalamp up your stinkhole so that your booty looks like a disco party.
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Very crude term fo vagina.
She thinks she can use her stinkhole to get whatever she wants.
by BigBastard January 11, 2005
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That stinkhole, baltimore, is the arm pit of the East Coast.
by steviedee May 26, 2004
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when a guy is fucking a woman in the ass and he urinates in her ass.
I gave a detroit stinkhole to deb. Since Detroit sucks, its a stinkhole.
by cra September 30, 2006
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A wrestling move where someone is in a reverse headlock and forced to breathe in armpit odor.
"OMG! He's gonna put him in a Reverse Norwegian Stinkhole!"
by MynameisRoxxxyAndrews December 7, 2016
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