58 definitions by Stephen W. Thomas

A mixture of chav and devil. Effectively, a townie who thinks they are a satanist, but are really townies deep inside.
The chevil only pretended to worship satan, but had a shrine to fcuk in his closet.
by Stephen W. Thomas October 13, 2004
A tiny village situated in West Sussex, on a hill.
'I live in West Hoathly.'
by Stephen W. Thomas May 10, 2005
A small village in Sussex which is actually the one point where our dimension and the 53rd dimension meet. If the church door is opened and shut three time fast it takes you through to a dimension where trees are overlords of Earth. This cause much confusion on Sunday mornings.
'Damn that West Hoathly church door.'
by Stephen W. Thomas February 24, 2005
A phrase used by hillbillies on American talk shows like Ricki Lake. It literally translates from hillbillie to 'I admit I'm not as smart/sexy/sure about my gender as you, but please, try not to draw attention to it.'
Ricki Lake: Now we have Mary-Ellen-Susie, who says that it's okay to take her daughter partying, because her daughter is too fat to get laid!"
(Mary-Ellen-Susie wobbles out, and the crowd boo.)
Mary-Ellen-Susie: DON'T HATE, DON'T HATE!
by Stephen W. Thomas October 13, 2004
Sven Anders Hedin (1865-1952) was one of the great Swedish explorers. He was not the greatest, but was certainly one of them. Hedin was born in Stockholm and educated in both Sweden and Germany. Before he was 21 he started on his first exploration, of his back garden. He then travelled through Mesopotamia, part of which is now known as Iraq. Fascinating. In 1893 he began a 4 year journey across central Asia, looking for the lesser spotted Asian Zebra a friend had told him about. After four years his friend admitted he had lied. During a journey across the Pamir-La-Anderson Mountains his party found several ancient cities, called 'New York', 'Boston' and 'Disneyworld'. From 1927-35 he was in charge of the joint Chinese-Swedish expedition. They found China, but lost Sweden in the act. Which was a shame. I like Sweden. They invented Abba.
Person 1: 'Oh look! I found Jehol: City of Emperors by Sven Anders Hedin!'
Person 2: 'Well, he's an okay Swedish bloke, but I prefer Gustaf Dalen, who revolutionised lighthouse equipment and invented the Aga cooker.'
by Stephen W. Thomas November 7, 2004
A mixture between 'wonderful' and 'fabulous'. Used to make your miserable lives just a tad better.
'That steak was wondabulous!'
'Not nearly as wondabulous as the ketchup.'
by Stephen W. Thomas February 24, 2005