6 definitions by Stephen Vassen

Phrase to describe a white girl who has had sexual relations with a black man.
Tyler doesn't have a shot with Tiffany. I saw her with Duane last week. She's definitely in da club.
by Stephen Vassen May 10, 2007
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Term for a person who still has their virginity?
"I think I'm going to hook up with the freshman hottie tonight."
"You've got no shot. She's still in the club."
by Stephen Vassen June 25, 2007
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When two couples are having sex in the same room, switch partners after finishing and then repeat the act.
"Dan and Colin always pull the roommate switch after parties."
by Stephen Vassen December 31, 2007
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After she bit during oral sex, John pulled it out and framped her.
by Stephen Vassen March 23, 2007
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A person that wins frequently but upon losing turns into a complete introverted crybaby.
After Tyler lost that race yesterday, he stormed off the track and didn't talk to anyone for the rest of the day. He was acting like a total Tom Brady.
by Stephen Vassen May 10, 2007
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The act of pulling out during sex, ejaculating onto your partner's parts, then performing oral sex directly after.
Because it was their two-year anniversary, Tyler gave Tiffany a wet bagel.
by Stephen Vassen April 14, 2007
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