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an itchy gouche is when you have a sweaty and uncomfortable itchy gouche

Best remedy is to take a shower an scrub well.
Ahh mate I’ve got an itchy gouche
by Stayout March 10, 2019
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an urban cock is someone who publishes loads of words on urban Dictionary an thinks there Cool as fuck
“Hey man you think your so sick putting all those words on urban Dictionary your an urban cock”
by Stayout March 01, 2019
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A penny Whistler is a fart that is extremely long and high pitched.
I was sat next to my mate whilst stoned when he did this extremely long and high pitch fart.

“That was a penny whistler” I said.
by Stayout February 24, 2019
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A shabibab is Someone who wants to get into the United Kingdom but can’t
Im shabibab please can I get through.....

“No fuck off your a shabibab”
by Stayout February 20, 2019
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Ma throat fucks means you have a fucking annoying sore throat and all you can say is
Ma throats fucked
by Stayout March 12, 2019
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Na gid owt is what you say when your mate asks you for the Xbox controller you simply say
“Na gid owt”
“Can you pass me the Xbox controller
“Na gid owt”
by Stayout March 01, 2019
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Brexit bull shit is the United Kingdom leaving the EU but is taking fucking ages to do so just fucking leave and honour the general election on the vote
“Brexit bullshit when are we gonna leave the EU it’s taking the piss now”
by Stayout March 29, 2019
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