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A night club or venue where girls act in a generally slutty demeanour, meaning the pum's always ready for the taking... Pum pum pantry
Man1: Where shall we go tonight?
Man2: I fancy gettin me some pum
Man1: How about the Pum Pum Pantry?
Man2: Good idea, I know it's there for the taking in there.
by Squapstars October 16, 2011

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When a partial shart occurs whilst in the process of blapping.
Can't believe I partially sharted while I was blapping my mrs last nite!! Sharticle Blapping was such a shocker!
by Squapstars October 16, 2011

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When your best friend's brother is blapping you while watching a dvd of old men squatting over a bicycle pump injecting air into their rectum in order to recreate the female queef
Squappety Blap Don't Talk Back!
Wow your brother gave me a right good squappety blapping last night.
by Squapstars October 16, 2011

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The flu-like symtoms experienced on a Wednesday when the effects of a heavy weekend chemically react with the hard slog of work
Pauline: I feel horrendous today, sore throat, bloked nose, headache, tired....
Colin: Did you go out at the weekend?
Pauline: Yes and then some...
Colin: Hmmm looks like a bad case of influednesday to me.
by Squapstars October 19, 2011

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The innevitable, involuntary detox forced by Mondays, often involving monpression
Shane: 'Wow you look rough!'
Brian: 'Yes mate I'm montoxing'
Shane: 'I knew it was serious'
by squapstars October 17, 2011

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The artform of sneaking up behind someone, pulling the back of his pants over his head whilst raising your knee up between his leg rapidly.
Stealth wedgy cripple slipper!
Slip him a crippler & watch from a distance!
by Squapstars October 17, 2011

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