the second pair of lips on a girl that you don't have to listen to.
there's lips that talk, then there's the lips that don't talk!
by Ignignoknerr November 26, 2009
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What someone who is clearly defeated in an argument will say to try and end the argument before being beaten even more soundly.
Greg: And that, dipstick, is why rocket shoes will never work.

Bryant: Don't talk to me, loser.
by Herman D. Optional July 29, 2004
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A modification of talk to the hand, used to indicate a further level of disinterest.
Hold hand up in front of other person's face, close hand into fist, say "Don't talk to the hand because even he's not interested" Now look away.
by JediAndi March 24, 2006
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A phrase that you would use to stop someone from constantly confusing you with Black Slang.
Tyrone: bruh, you odyssey the tits on that hoe, would you get honor?

Bob: ...

Tyrone: Buh bruh i hope she go foamy, my dictate good.

Bob: woah wait wtf, don't talk black to me. Lets have some real talk.
by Ayee_Aaron February 2, 2010
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Usually when a mexican is insulting you in spanish you can answer that, meaning that you dont give a fuck.
-"hijo de puta, come pollas de mierda"
+"sorry bitch, I don't talk burrito"
by diabloツ May 11, 2020
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When you're extremely bored that you search up a Disney song...
What definition do you want?! Go outside or something

Ok fine, 'We don't talk about Bruno' is a Disney song from the movie 'Encanto'
What more do you want?
Person 1: Hey, how you doing?
Person 2: I am extremely bored, so I search up that one song We don't talk about Bruno. from Disney's Encanto...
Person 1: Go outside XD
by Hfjdujdjzhxjd January 19, 2022
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It is a song from Encanto.

Search it up on Google if your so desperate.

The basic definition is that Bruno was a good boi. Why u bully him
Me: We Don't Talk About Bruno, no no noooo
Friend: Why don't we talk about Bruno?
Me: It was my wedding day..
Friend: Wait, you had a wedding? How come I wasn't invited?!
Me: Let me finish bro
by bruno fan March 19, 2022
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