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Formed in 1933, the Eagles struggled in their early years, but became dominant in the 1940s, making 3 straight championship games from 1947-49, winning titles in the '48 and '49 games. Under the leadership of quarterback Norm Van Brocklin, they won their third and most recent title in 1960. The team struggled for many years afterward, turning it around only in the late 1970s. From 1978-81, the team went on a streak of consecutive playoff berths that included a loss in 1980's Super Bowl XV. Under the multitalented quarterback Randall Cunningham, the team had 4 playoff berths between 1988-92, and followed these runs up with 2 more postseason apperances later in the decade. In the early 2000s, the Eagles were one of football's best teams with 5 straight playoff berths from 2000-04. However, Philadelphia's postseason record was dismal and it included 3 consecutive home NFC championship losses. The team finally made the Super Bowl in 2004, but lost a close one to the Patriots. In 2005, the Eagles collapsed, due in part to the Terrell Owens fiasco, and finished with a poor record.
"The Patriots have won their third world championship in four seasons! And all the Philadelphia Eagles can do is sit and wonder. They come up just short in another crucial playoff game, losing Super Bowl XXXIX."
by Sports Info July 9, 2006
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Formed in 1968 by Clevland legend Paul Brown, the Bengals have a history of losing that they are trying to turn around. After a few playoff berths in the 1970s, the team had some amazing runs in the 1980s. They made the Super Bowl in 1981 and in 1988. Both years they had league leading quarterbacks- Ken Anderson the first time around and later Boomer Esiason. Both years they faced San Francisco for the title. And both years they lost in heartbreaking fashion. In 1990, the Bengals made the playoffs, and several months later, Paul Brown died. His son, Mike, ruined the franchise for many years. During the 1990s, this hapless team was nicknamed the 'Bungles' for their poor play on the field. In recent years, Brown appears to have gotten sick of losing. In 2005, the Cincinnati Bengals finally broke their steak of 14 straight years of missing the playoffs. Led by a young core, included quarterback carson Palmer, they made the playoffs, but were bounced in the first round by the champion Steelers.
"And Joe Montana has done it again! For the second time in his career, he has organized a fourth quarter comeback to beat the Cincinnati Bengals in the Super Bowl."
by Sports Info July 3, 2006
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Founded in 1925, the Giants quickly established themselves as a dominant franchise with championships in 1927, 1934, and 1938, with tile game losses in 1933, 1935, 1939, 1941, 1944, and 1946. They continued to be an excellent franchise in the 1950s and 1960s under the direction of quarterback Y.A. Tittle with a 1956 title and losses in the 1958, 1959, and 1961-63 championship games. The Giants of this era established a reputation for being unable to win in the clutch. After have no playoff berths throughout the 1970s, the team returned to glory during the 1980s. Although they only had 5 playoff berths during the decade, they assembled a franchise of great players such as quarterback Phil Simms and lineback Lawrence Taylor, that was able to take a championship in Super Bowl XXI in 1986. The team also started the 1990s with a bang, winning another title in 1990. In that year's Super Bowl XXV, New York defeated cross-state rival Buffalo after the Bills missed what would have been a game-winning field goal. Since that last title, playoff berths have been sparse, with just 4 from 1991-2004, including a blowout loss in the Super Bowl in 2000. However, the team took a step in the right direction with a playoff berth in 2005, and the Giants appear to have a bright future."
"Norwood's kick is up, its got the distance, but it's no good! Wide right! And the New York Giants are going to hang on and win the Super Bowl."
by Sports Info July 11, 2006
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Created as an expansion team in 1976, the Seahawks put up decent numbers in the 1980s with 5 playoff berths under long time quarterback Dave Krieg. However, the team struggled for many years during the 1990s. After a division crown in 1988, they failed to make the playoffs again until 1999. In recent years, the team has been much better with 3 straight playoff berths and an amazing offense. This past season in 2005, the team made the Super Bowl for the first time. However, they ended up on the losing end of the game, as the Steelers took the championship.
"The Seattle Seahawks, the league's leading offense, scores just 10 points in the Super Bowl, as the Steelers take home their 5th title."
by Sports Info July 6, 2006
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An expansion team in 1995, the Jaguars quickly became a dominant team behind quarterback Mark Brunell, receiver Jimmy Smith, and a great defense. From 1996-99, the team had 4 straight playoff berths, going 14-2 with the league's best record in in '99. However, during that season, they lost both of their games to the Tennessee Titans, and again lost to the Titans in the playoffs, costing Jacksonville a trip to the Super Bowl. After some poor seasons, the Jaguars again built a hard nosed team and made the playoffs in 2005.
"The Jacksonville Jaguars have defeated the Dolphins 62-7, the most lopsided victory in playoff history."
by Sports Info July 7, 2006
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The Rams were founded in 1937 as Cleveland's NFL franchise. Struggling early in their existance, they rose to glory behind quarterback Sammy Baugh in 1945 and won a close battle to claim the NFL title. However, following the season, the team moved to Los Angeles. They played for the NFL championship each year from 1949-51, winning the crown in 1951. In 1950, the Rams faced their replacement from Cleveland, the Browns. The faced them for the title again in 1955, and came up losers for a 2nd time. After sparse playoff berths in the 1960s, they became a force in the 1970s, with consecutive playoff apperances from 1973-80. However, they always seemed to be overshadowed and made the Super Bowl just one time, a loss to the Steelers in 1979. Were again impressive with 6 playoff berths in 7 years from 1983-89, but were once again unable to beat out the competition for a conference title. The team struggled in years afterward and moved to St. Louis for the 1995 season. It took the team several years, but they built up a powerhouse offense that took the team to Super Bowl XXXIV in 1999. In that game, the beat the Titans on a goal line stand for their first Super Bowl win and first title since 1951. This began a run of 5 playoff berths in 6 years, including another Super Bowl apperance- a heartbreaking loss to the Patriots in 2001 on a last second field goal. In 2005, though, the team struggled mightily and the once powerful offense began to fade.
"Dyson lunges for the goal line, he reaches but he's stopped short! The defense holds and time runs out! The St. Louis Rams have won Super Bowl XXIV!"
by Sports Info July 6, 2006
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In 1932, the NFL arrived in Boston with the forming of the Redskins, but after a 1936 championship game loss, the team jumped ship for the nation's capital. In the early days in Washington, they were dominant, with titles in 1937 and 1941 and championship game apperances in 1940, 1943, and 1945. The 1940 loss was the most lopsided in NFL history at 73-0. After a decade and a half of struggles, the team returned to glory in the early 1970s with 5 playoff berths in 6 years from 1971-76. This team was made up of old veterans such as reciever Charley Taylor and quarterback Billy Klimer. Their success, however, did not translate to a Super Bowl win, as they lost in their first apperance in 1972. In the 1980s, the team was revived again under coach Joe Gibbs with 5 playoff berths and 3 Super Bowl apperances. They won the championship in 1982's Super Bowl XVII and 1987's Super Bowl XXII, while the lost a lopsided battle in 1983. They achieved 3 more playoff berths in the early 1990s and another championship in Super Bowl XXVI. However, the team struggled for many years afterward, with just one playoff berth, a 1999 division crown, between 1993-2004. In 2005, the team turned it around and returned to the postseason. The Redskins appear to have a solid core for the future.
"And although Denver scored first, it was the Washington Redskins day out their today. They win in a dominating performance to take the Super Bowl XXII victory and the Lombardi Trophy."
by Sports Info July 9, 2006
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