A character from the Borderlands series. He appears in Borderlands 2 as a playable character and Borderlands 3 in "Krieg and the Fantastic FusterCluck ( DLC 4".
"Krieg is my favourite character in the Borderlands franchise"
by GianteSquid September 27, 2020
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Guy that burns hella trees, gets hella laid. At times however can be a whiny bitch.
Bro we were out gettin Krieg faced yesterday!
by Tha Riktor Scale May 24, 2011
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Person 1: "Hey guys, wanna hang out with Jason?"
Persons 2-4: "Hell no! He's a Krieg."
by lolket February 17, 2008
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Used in the heavy metal community to describe something of high quality. Originally the German word meaning "war," it was popularized as a metal term by Nargaroth's album "Black Metal Ist Krieg."
Dude, you have to hear the new Alghazanth. It's fucking krieg as hell.
by arkturus July 8, 2004
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verb - kreeg - the actions involved in being a Creepy Krieger. i.e. gathering info via Facebook esp. of potential dates. Also can be used in substitution for the verb form of creep when the situation is of the Creepy Krieger nature.
Girl: How'd you find where I live?
Creepy Krieger: I krieged you.


Geraldo is really krieging me out.
by LongLegsMcgee October 4, 2007
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To commence in an attack or war in the manner of the foreword manner
Bushkrieg, Rumsfeldkrieg, Iraqkrieg, Oilkrieg, Blytzkrieg, and last but not least, Orangekrieg
by XehtycshtaeD February 19, 2003
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roblox dictator that will steal your balls
did you see kriegs castrate that robloxian
by akaeonp May 18, 2020
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