To brutally insert a penis into a passed out female while faking being drunk
Yo, that bitch at the party got Jimmy Smithed last night.
by Probeez February 26, 2009
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Jimmy Smith Jr. is the main person in the movie 8 mile.
For any one who has seen this movie and that is a fan of Eminem would definitely know who this is.
Are you asking me out on a date Jimmy Smith Jr.?
by Eavie June 20, 2007
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The most amazing person in the entire universe, hes got a great personality and he only likes people that mean alot to him. Hes the kind of person that will hurt anyone that messes with him or his crush/girlfriend
Ryan: "who is that kind hearted person?"

Allan: "its Jimmy William Smith Jr of course! And his burgers are fine!"
by bobbybeefburger July 7, 2014
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