The League is a show on FX and might just be the funniest thing out there. Compare to Arrested Development in writing, but not narrative and content compared to any Judd Apatow film. This show will make you laugh ur ass off. It is about these five guys, Taco, Pete, Ruxin, Andre and Kevin. They have a Fantasy Football League, that gets more and more serious every week, ending up in scams and pranks to psyche out the competition.
Ruxin isnt getting any sex so he explains his pain to his boys with this one liner:
Ruxin: My balls are New Orleans and levy's are about to burst.

Omg it feels like there is 10lbs of pudding inside me..

The League is where its at mang
by pickles gay older brother August 12, 2011
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Leaguing is derived from the word League. League is derived from the popular game League of Legends. One can say the act of playing League by simply saying they are "Leaguing"
Person 1 : Yo bro, what are you up to?
Person 2: Nothing much, just Leaguing
by Jkimmy98 February 17, 2014
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Used when gamers are too fatigued from playing League of Legends to type "league of legends" so they abbreviate it to just league.
Ex1: Yo tryna play some league?
Ex2: Hey we need to talk.

Hold on I'm playing league.
by 3chainz November 3, 2012
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Australia's top flight domestic association football (soccer) league.
Adelaide United FC were the first A-League club to win a Minor Premiership, and make an AFC Asian Champions League final.
by ChillyPhilly October 22, 2014
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a unit of mesurement used to describe the distance that a person or a horse can walk in one hour (about 3 miles of five kilometers).
the league has long since fallen out of use in most countries as an offical unit.
by Capt_Capacitor August 29, 2005
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When someone looks exceptionally good playing baseball, they are known as "league", relating them to the Major Leagues.

A word used to describe someone that looks like a MLB player while playing baseball.

Also used if you as a player see someone on the other team that looks like they are going to be good.
David: You look pretty league in your Victory baseball pants, phiten necklace and 3/4 cut sleeves.
Nick: Thanks dude.
baseball mlb

Stephen: Yo, number 17 looks pretty league.
Sam: Where's he playing?
Stephen: He's in center right now.
Sam: oh yeah dude, he looks dirty, probably gonna play D1.
Stephen: Yeah dude, so league.
by Player1025 December 30, 2010
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adj. Used to express excited approval. Also as an interjection in a moment of excited approval or triumph.
Use for "sweet," "awesome," or "gnarly"
That shit was league!
The new Batman movie was pretty league!
by Jeffrey Mleczko December 18, 2007
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