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A twitch emote used whenever somebody does something that seems racist or is racist, whether it be the streamer or someone on their stream.
Streamer: *runs into stream sniper*
Chat: cmonBruh
by SpongeBoobies January 7, 2018
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What greedy slimeballs try to and do covertly violate as much as they can for more control over people and their wallets.
Once a nation constituted by the bill of rights for people to be happy, now is only a memory.
by SpongeBoobies October 4, 2019
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A really great thing ruined by a damn period
by SpongeBoobies May 15, 2017
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Having sex with yourself.
When 3 people have sex it's called a threesome, when two people have sex it's called a twosome. I guess that's why they call you handsome.
by SpongeBoobies October 20, 2016
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Some dumbass stale meme that 12 year olds still think is funny.
Harambe is a stale meme.
by SpongeBoobies October 25, 2016
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Used mid-sentence by everyone considered a minor because they need to buffer their thoughts every two seconds because autism is slowly dominating the gene pool in America through natural selection.
Kid: So can you like, um, like--
Fucking anyone else: Holy fuck you little shit I will cum in your insulin pump if you stutter one more time you little deficit fuck
by SpongeBoobies December 21, 2017
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