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a minecraft kid is an annoying squeaker everyone has to deal with and usually says "your a hacker" or "i wasnt ready" when they get combod by SnakeDaoust and when thay win they always say "eZ". So basically thats the definition
TRUE MINECRAFT KID : *gets combod in a 1v1*
kid: ur a hacker u meanie u hit me from 2 blocks! ur a bully!! *goes and cry's on his bed with his mom*
u: U only got combod skid
by Comboinq March 06, 2016
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some little kid who plays minecraft and rages when someone steals their diamonds. or just that cringy 9 yo at ur school
Barry Phartz is totally a Minecraft Kid.
by Cringeboy7_69 February 05, 2018
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