Someone who is kind funny with a awesome personality and your very lucky to be friends with.
That ubah is the best!
by thehumandictionary August 4, 2012
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Variant of 'uber.'
Wezloc is an ubah bitch.
by smilewtf May 21, 2005
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/Ubah/: A multi-Glass on Glass bong hotbox of a car.
Sure was a good ubah in Willis Jeff-Gergamons 1988 Jetta.
by Spencer Meyers February 17, 2005
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The most amazing, uber 1337 punk rawker there is. The Ubahest Mod at RE. But sorry ladies, he is attached at the moment. But, if you would like some topless pictures of him, drop me a line, although they sell like hotcakes.

Oh, yes, I do mean he IS the MOST UBER l33t hax0r dat will pwn joo and teh n00bzo0rz, and phl4m3 you to hell if you get on his nerves. He IS uberer then wozza, Kainy, and EVERY single other poster at A perfect human being indeed.
Mako Made me scream last night. Twice.
by ILuvMako_8769! January 28, 2005
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