Pronounced MARK two

The second generation of a vehicle.

Also used to define the second generation of the Volkswagen Golf/Jetta.

Dude 1: Look, it's an emkay two!!
Dude 2: It's MARK two you dumbshit.
by BSD January 17, 2006
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Second Generation Supra, hence the name CelicaSupra. Completely superior in every regard to the MkIII, and quite handy for driving over MB's head, because he's apparently an asshat.
My MkII makes your MkIII look like ass.
by Speed Racer May 27, 2004
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second generation supra, has the most potential out of all the generations. Lightweight with I6 2.8 liter motor. Based off the Celica line.
MKII just pwned that MKIII
by Gage006 May 26, 2004
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generally used to describe the second generation of a vehicle
most frequently used to describe the 2nd generation of Toyota Supra
by T May 27, 2004
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Second generation Gundam, This mobile suit was developed by the titans. It was equipped with a revolutionary 360 panoramic view cock pit. MKII was stolen by the AEUG and was put to good use by Kamille Bidan and later Emma sheen.
OMFG, teh MKII just PWN3D that MARASAI!1!!1!1
by TheRedComet January 24, 2005
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A flying broomstick that destroy world GTA Online that always annoy alot of people in a lobby
You: Fucking tryhard destroys my fuckin 2million cargo using Oppressor MKII
Rockstar: Buy shark cards
by Aran8276 October 16, 2019
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