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A very depressed person, yet very enjoyable to be around, and who is almost too gay to function.
"yeah , I love the dude, but he's a complete Moof!
by Lucifer McDeath October 05, 2017
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a combination of the words mood and oof. Describes when one's mood is that expressed by the word "oof"
Having school today with this much snow really put me in a moof.
by merper00 January 05, 2018
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n. describing a person, usually an insult. similar to idiot, dolt, moron, etc. can also be modified by adding random and/or made up words to the end.
'no, like this, you moof.'
'i said orange, not orangish-red, you moof-wangle'
by sk8dork October 03, 2004
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Moof is 2 words combined

Moof = Mood + Oof
Moof can be used in a situation that’s relatable or tea ☕️ or something that’s a mood or an oof

Moof was made by 2 people on instagram when autocorrect didn’t work

There is a Instagram account for moof called @moofgang and the people that follow are called moofers and the owners love them very much

The moofers have a spirit animal called moof which is a cat and cow combined
by ❤️👑✌🏻 October 15, 2018
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Something Awful's best front page updater.
He transports readers to a world full of happy bees and happy trees and happy dinosaurs fighting with happy bunnies and there are also rainbows and blue skies all day and everyone is happy :)
OTIMoof brings joy IYM™ IRL™!
P.S. I love Tom "moof" Davies :)
by Moof (not Moof) January 12, 2005
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