8 definitions by Spaz Out

the exact moment a star wars geek loses their virginity.
"Dude, the force unleashed last night."
"No way! You're a dirty liar."
"I'm serious. It cost me $30."
by Spaz Out September 17, 2008
similar to camping in a video game. only difference is that a tactical sitter will stay still for a short period in the match as comparable to a camper remaining in the same location the entire match.
"Stop camping, camper."
"I'm not camping. I'm tactical sitting. It's not my fault you ran into the same hall twice."
by Spaz Out January 9, 2010
circle scratch on a wii disk
I thought ring scratches on 360 were lame but now i cannot play twilight princess due to the wiing scratch.
by Spaz Out August 19, 2009
after blowing a hot, sticky, seminal load in a person's ear, this is the seepage that cums out (pun intended)
After my drum solo, my girlfriend needed a rag and a whole box of q-tips to clean up the ear wax.
by Spaz Out September 11, 2008
a man ejaculating into a woman's ear
While she sleeps, I can still give her a drum solo.
by Spaz Out July 13, 2008
Derived from the song "Blue Orchid," by the White Stripes.

gently caressing or massaging a woman's pussy lips with the intention of building sexual enjoyment, without completing the act of ejaculation.
similar to "blue balls" for a man.

listen to the words, dumbasses.
You tickled my orchid/Turned it blue.

I was with my girl last night and her brother barged in while I was eating her out. He didn't catch me, but she had to go to the bathroom to handle her blue orchid.
by Spaz Out July 22, 2008
when a female tries to make a dude look cool and ends up making him look like a douche.
Angela gave Jared a douche over and now I cannot stand that guy.
by Spaz Out August 29, 2009