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Where I come from jelly bracelets are sometimes worn for fashion and other times worn for they're meanings. I think that soon the faze of these bracelets will pass and something new will come in.
Red:lap dance
black:full monty
blue:oral sex
white:flash your tits
by Sophie March 6, 2004
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Kurdt Cobain was a musical genious. He was the lead singer of one of the greatest bands, and tragically died too young because life was too much for him. It's not like the manufactured shite that's around today, that can go to hell. There will never be anyone who could be compared to him, because all his songs had an individual meaning and deapth to them.
Grunge is dead - it's better to burn out than to fade away.
by Sophie August 23, 2003
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a word used to descibe a really good thing, something you enjoy or you like
he looks lush, means he is gorgeous
by Sophie May 6, 2005
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A women who has shaved off all her pubic hair
Your clitty lips look lovely, Baldy
by Sophie August 20, 2003
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a fatty girl has a nice big round ass
damn fatty girl, in those jeans your shape is beautiful!
by Sophie September 1, 2003
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another way of speeling random and meaning much worse radom meaning you are a spaz or very wierd !
racheal : mskdhsifhie
sophie:your so radom
racheal: *flaps hands*
by Sophie April 9, 2005
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Skinny Dipping is like swimming and sex. You are naked in open water, while in a sexual intercourse. It's done mainly where the water is warm, like the beautiful caribbean... It f.u.n.!
Chris and Sophie were skinny dipping at the lake.. nobody can ever keep them appart!
by Sophie March 30, 2005
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