Adding un-necessary lines into a conversation, speech or essay.
Teachers often tell to students not to waffle before submitting an assignment. However, I think about me and my boyfriend playing hardcore on the bed whenever they mention that word.

(some noobs will think about pancakes)
Teacher: Waffling is never a good idea, Katie. Try not to do it

Katie: b b but it feels good Miss.
by rawrrawrhardcorechick December 6, 2009
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When someone talks an actual whole load of rubbish and is really annoying and jarring won’t ever stop talking about th emits irrelevant topics.
Bro she’s just waffling don’t listen to her
by Mhmmm :) March 19, 2020
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1. Bob's hands are really big, so waffling with him was a little awkward.

2. Are Jack and Jill a couple? They are always waffling when they walk to class together.
by Yknow February 6, 2012
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1.When one holds hands with another and the fingers of there hands intertwine.

2. Hand sex.
Jill and Bob were waffling on there date
by ljcdslangexpert March 5, 2012
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Waffling. The act of throwing waffles on an ice surface.

The term waffling orginated from the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey club and their losing ways. When the team would start losing badly, fans would litter the ice with waffles
Those mother canuckers sure love their waffling
by pat and chico December 25, 2010
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The act of petting a kitty/cat/kitteh thoroughly by giving it a bi-directional, sometimes circular, encompassing rub across its sides, head, underside, tail and possibly legs, feet and toes where picking up and cradling is optional but preferred for maximum immobilization and purring
le me: "Come here Mr. Kitteh!"

cat: "mrow?"

Commence Waffling: *pick cat up and flip onto back, petting belly and head and toes*

le me: "Who's a good Mr. Kitteh?"

cat: "purrrrrrrrrrrr, purrrrrrrrrrrr, purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"
by Mr MH May 7, 2012
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