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Much similar to the definition hooptie, but in this case so fucking raggedy the car either can have a cloths wire for a door, broken seatbelts, makes strainge "clunka clunka" noises when its driving suggesting something is loose and dragging from the car, have a dishrag for a gas cap, have a paintjob with spraypaint, have 5+ different colors of paint on it, get less than 5 miles a gallon, or all the above.
"god fucking damn, joshs car is such a clunker"
by Some guy March 1, 2003
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A very funny IRISH (Ireland is not in the UK) absurdist/surrealist comedy about 3 priests practicing on an extremely remote island off the coast of Ireland.

Father Ted Crilly is fairly apathetic priest, more interested in TV and movies than religion. His dream is to practice in LA. He misses out on this opportunity.

Father Dougal McGuire is an idiotic, dim-witted young priest who is pathetic yet likeable. He mixes up situation very easily.

Father Jack Hackett is a scruffy, dirty, violent, mean, old alcoholic who takes joy out of abusing the other two priests. He has: hit Ted with a brick, clamped Ted's nipples with clothespegs, run over Ted with Ted's own car, etc.

The series is available in most stores, even in the US (It was last year, at least). It's the funniest thing ever.
Ted: We need some place to stay for the weekend

Dougal: What about Mewengwe? His parents are away and he has satellite!

Ted: Dougal, he lives in Ethiopia.
by Some guy February 19, 2004
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a person who accepts the belief in god,but does not believe in the religion.He/she has no understanding of being aethiest or religious,but believe in individualism.these type of people usually understand that believing in god completely is rhetorical because for an aethiest and a religious person,in the end neither have proof or a clear explanation on their strong grasp of the belief they so entrust on.
a person with a true mind of freedom is someone not many know a diest.
by Some guy July 12, 2003
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A she-man that goes to ACMS and happens to be a big fat ugly poser.
Hey guys look at my new 3 square shirt...isnt it great?

No you moron, go to hell and get butt raped!
by Some guy February 10, 2004
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someone who enjoys the company of people half there age
see Paedaphile
Dirty Henry is a cradle snatcher, he has his eye on the 12yo girl next door
by Some guy June 28, 2003
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bascially the other name for capcom. Mostly used by people who are sick of thier Part 2 final super hyper turbo final edition 3rd impact ver. 5.32 garbage.
Gamer 1 : Yo did you hear about crapcom's new game?
Gamer 2 : You mean devil may shit2 ? or that gran turismo ripoff?
by Some guy June 6, 2003
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