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Symbol: Ts; It is the 117th element in the periodic table;
Is tennesine similar to tennessee? Ans: Name: Yes Other: NO
by Sodium + Tellurium June 2, 2021
The last dimension of minecraft where there is the least diversity of mobs and the battlefield for the ender dragon
The End? Is an advancement of going to the end; Free the end s the advancement of beating the final boss; the ender dragon; The End... Again is the advancement of respawning the ender dragon with 4 end crystals on opposite central parts on the end pillar and then killing it.
by Sodium + Tellurium June 2, 2021
Physics&Chemistry: An abbreviation for density,
Biochemist: What is the bacteria's secretion density.
Analyser: D or d: 1.934g/cm^3 ( 1.117 oz/in^3)
by Sodium + Tellurium July 29, 2021
A mob in minecraft that has an outer shell encasing the shulker membrane which attacks the player with a bullet that will give the player levitation for 10 seconds.
Yay i'm flying, Hey great view from up here and it has given me an advancement! *drinks potion* Shulker hits, Player levitates and dies of fall damage
by Sodium + Tellurium June 2, 2021
A good gossip-like conversation invented by famous author: Roald Dahl
John: What in the world are you doing? Katie & Mackenzie : We are having a babblement, a conversation if you please.
John: what the heck is a babblement? Katie & Mackenzie: look it up at www.urbandictionary.com
by Sodium + Tellurium June 2, 2021