Did you know that Roald Dahl wrote many books such as... The BFG, Charlie and the chochlate factory, Matilda, and Charlie and the great glass elevator?
by Word Maniac March 22, 2011
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Roald Dahl was born September 13, 1916, he died November 23, 1990. When he was alive, he was sent to multiple boarding schools, most notably Canterbury, his headmaster was the future Archbishop of Canterbury and don't think he didn't spare students from the spanking. He did BIG spanking, mind you. Imagine, the future Archbishop of Canterbury is spanking you. But I got too far off track. When WWII started, he stopped alot of Germans from escaping to Portugese East Africa, although most of them probably wouldn't enlist in the army. He then joined the RAF and was sent on missions during the Middle East and Greece. He crashed into the ground an spent about a week in a hospital. After that, he went back to his mother until he went to America. There he found a publisher who told him to send him notes, when Roald Dahl sent him an entire book! The publisher recognized his talent and rushed to publish it. He wrote "A Piece of Cake", "The Twits", "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", "Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator", "Danny, the Champion of the World", "Matilda", "The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and 6 More" and more.
Roald Dahl was an inspiring author.
by midfag December 1, 2018
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