A mob in minecraft that has an outer shell encasing the shulker membrane which attacks the player with a bullet that will give the player levitation for 10 seconds.
Yay i'm flying, Hey great view from up here and it has given me an advancement! *drinks potion* Shulker hits, Player levitates and dies of fall damage
by Sodium + Tellurium June 2, 2021
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Shulker Box, Shulker.
Minecraft Shulker.

shulker is a mob that came from the end, after you beat the ender dragon, you will see a floating 1 by 1 bedrock that has another end portal in, once you got in using trapdoor (Java) or using ender pearl (Java, Bedrock) you will spawn somewhere randomly on a floating island. Bringing blocks will be more easy to your journey, bridging on the bigger lands can able to lead you to one of those end city. you may found an end ship floating beside the another end building. you can bridge over the ship or tower up. once you got in the ship. you will see the Shulker. Shulker is one of the mob that guards one of the hard items to get in minecraft, Elytra. Shulker is a guardian through those end cities. you may find them inside nor outside. shulkers guards elytra and a 2 chest that has good loots. once you've proceed to kill the shulker box. you will get one of the shell, they can mainly drop 1 or 2, you can also craft your self a portable chest called, Shulker Box, you can craft them manually using 1 shell ontop, chest at the middle, and 1 shell under, by getting shulker box, its not a normal chests, when you broke one of the chests, they break and spread your items on the floor which is annoying, while restoring your important items in the shulker box, they won't usually breaks, you don't need silk touch to get them, they just breaks using iron to netherite pickaxe, when you broke the shulker box, the items inside are still inside the shulker box.
by chocolatss August 9, 2021
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