Something upper middle class who do not deal with the brunt of unfettered capitalist exploitation as the working class love. A crutch for people who believe in pseudo-science "mind over matter" new age baloney. For people too weak of mind for skepticism and realism. New agers will often go as far to victim blame people with chronic illness like chronic fatigue and people suffering from cancer that they "thought themselves sick". Clearly need a to understand how evidence based medicine works and that supplements are not magic fairy dust pills.
The book "The Secret" made lots of money selling this "positive thinking" tripe.
by Socialist Dude November 6, 2013
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it is where you ponder and stroke your non-existence beard/stubble and gaze out into the distance
Guy 1: How do we explain this?
Guy 2: Hmm, let's think (begins thinking position)
by ZxGaylordxZ December 18, 2011
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To hope someone tests positive
Alex: Hope said to think positive because she was thinking positive
Also Alex: I hope Charles tests positive for Covid
by APersonWhoHatesCharles July 26, 2020
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