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A weapon of mass destruction. Usually refering to a medieval weapon, Such as a large double handed sword, but may also be used in reference to any object which unleashes mass amounts of pwnage. Chuck Norris left and right legs, are also known as pwnagers.
We were loosing the battle, but then jimmy got out his pwnager and unleased the pwnage.
by Smeep January 23, 2006

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A grannyped is another word for "mobility vehicle". Mobility vehicles are small electric powered carts, usually with variable speed, indicators, reverse mode and a front loaded basket.

They are driven by either elderly folk, hense the name, or by Obese people who are to lazy to walk and loose some weight.
1. Dude, Jon got a grannyped and he's gonna pimp that sh*t!

2. Man, look at that lovely old couple, racing through the park knocking people down on their grannypeds.

3. When I'm old, I'ma score me a free grannyped.

4. I wish that fat chick would stop whoring that grannyped and let someone who really needs it use it.
by Smeep August 05, 2007

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Usually to enter from no where with a comment that depicts you are much smarter than those around you. The comment can be something that should have already happened but no one listened to you, or something painfully obvious etc.

Not to be confused with a lean-in!

The act of pulling a wise man derives from Evil Dead: Army of Darkness in the scene depicted below in the example.
1. Jim and Jon both knew that the fastest way home was path A, but Jon just had to take path B. Jon walked all the way along path B, got home and realised that he could no longer see Jim. Jim pulled a wise man and said "I told you path A was faster!"

2. In Evil Dead: Army of Darkness, Ash is informed by the wise man that he needs the Necronomicon in order to stop the evil. He just blows the wise man off. A short while later, a Deadite attacks Ash and Co. After Ash kills the deadite, the Wise man enters from off-camera and states "Now with though quest for the Necronomicon?!" Thus he has pulled a wiseman.

3. In order to pull a Wiseman you need to have something smarter to say than those around you, and be able to approach from a near unseen angle.
by Smeep July 26, 2007

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A Jackcident is when a male human is masturbating over erotic material, but accidentally cums at the moment that the camera is looking at the male porn actors face or there is no one but the male porn actors in shot.
1. Jim was enjoying a good bishop bash, until he jackcidented all over the place

2. Bob: I had such a Jackcident last night!
James: You're a homosexual! Don't you deny it!
Bob: Seriously dude, it was a Jackcident!
by Smeep June 24, 2008

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When you have had so much vodka that your words slur, multiple words merge in to one and yet oddly, still make sense to those around you. This is using vodkabulary, Involving a lot of sch, shlu and ssspll sounds.

Often seen to occur a few minutes after being made to down your drink.
"Hey, I love schuperman filmsh... Shey are sho cool!"

"Dude, your vodkabulary is amazing."

"schutup! I am schober!"

by Smeep April 05, 2013

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