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A Jackcident is when a male human is masturbating over erotic material, but accidentally cums at the moment that the camera is looking at the male porn actors face or there is no one but the male porn actors in shot.
1. Jim was enjoying a good bishop bash, until he jackcidented all over the place

2. Bob: I had such a Jackcident last night!
James: You're a homosexual! Don't you deny it!
Bob: Seriously dude, it was a Jackcident!
by Smeep June 24, 2008
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when a celebrity overdoses either by his/her own hand or perhaps is murdered by a supervising physician or Mary Kate Olsen
Heath Ledger was such a sad Jackcident.
by 832crap September 07, 2009
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An accident caused by one or more people jacking off at the sight of a nude person of their preferred gender walking down the street.
Person 1: How'd you total your car?
Person 2: There was this naked chick walking down the street. She was so hot, I just had to go for it
Person 1: Did you at least have a happy ending?
Person 2: Yeah, just before the jackcident.
by markds75 January 19, 2009
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One who is very accident prone. Multiple accidents.

My husband, who recently passed away at the early age of 60, was very well known for being very accident prone and the multiple accidents and surgeries due to an accidents he would have. These "accidents" were referred to by many of our family and friends as "Jackcients" Lost a finger in 8th grade by a band saw in shop, 3 knee surgeries, 2 ankles, wrist, elbow, face, collarbone, motorcycle accident, appendix (10 days in the hospital), multiple stitches due to cuts with an axe, box knife, etc. Kicked by a mule, bitten in the face by a dog and had a cute dimple because of it. These are just a few throughout his life. He was not a "wildcat" or went for extreme sports he was just an average Joe who was a hard worker, a very talented carpenter, a mister "fix it" person who knew so much about everything but was never arrogant about it and loved fishing and crabbing. Always had a roll of duck tape with him. I would love to be able to honor him by adding this word to the Urban Dictionary for many to refer to. Thank you for your consideration.
"I've had a Jackcident" " looks like you've had a "Jackcident" Also used as a prequel "that is a Jackcident waiting to happen"
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